…That’s My Phone System

With all of the buzz about cloud servers and data, That’s My IT Guy has not forgotten about the most powerful communication medium – voice.  With Hosted Voice from That’s My IT Guy you enjoy the same power and flexibility with your phone system that you do with your data network.

  • Flexible and Scalable – whether you are a one person office or an enterprise call center, the system can grow or shrink quickly to meet your needs.
  • Available Anywhere – Easily set up remote and home offices with a business phone.
  • Sound Professional – With easily customizable menus and greetings you can sound like a big company even though your small.
  • Voicemail to E-mail – One of our favorites!  All of your voicemails are forwarded to your e-mail for listening or saving.  Optional transcription is available if you would rather read than listen.
  • Find Me – Want your calls forwarded to your mobile phone when you are away from the desk?  No problem.
  • Feature Rich – A long list of additional features including intercom, texting, reporting, recording, conference bridges, faxing, and video calling