That’s My IT Guy is a managed technology service provider headquartered in Birmingham, AL. We specialize in bringing an enterprise level of expertise to the smallest of the small businesses. Our strength lies in implementing and supporting clients with 5-35 computers. We bring this expertise with an unparalleled level of close personal service.

Whether you need basic business computer services or advanced design and implementation, now you have an IT Guy!

A Message from the CIO

I spent over 10 years in corporate IT. I started as a helpdesk agent and worked my way up to senior engineer. Throughout my tenure in the corporate arena I noticed one thing on a consistent basis. That was that no matter how many support websites, 800 numbers, or knowledge base articles we had, people wanted one thing. They wanted to call “a guy.” They wanted help from a person that they knew on a first name basis. Thus the name of the company. I made it my mission when I started this business in 2006 that I would employ enterprise technology to provide a deep level of personal service.

However, keep this in mind. All because we pride ourselves on not hiding behind technology does not mean we are not using it! We employ the same tools and resources that big technology shops use. We just use them to help, not to hide. We will never ship you to an off shore call center, or make you jump through hoops to receive prompt attention. If off shore support or hoops are necessary, we will take care of them for you. At the end of the day all we want to tell you is “that everything is working great.”

Bo Dikeman
That’s My IT Guy,LLC